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Rijeka lectures in comparative law

Rijeka lectures in comparative law are jointly organised by the Faculty of Law in Rijeka and the Croatian Comparative Law Association since 2016. They provide a scientific community forum and invite speakers from around the world to present their recent research results and discuss current developments in the field of comparative law.

17 December 2020 Ines Duhanic, LL.M. Upload filters, caricatures, parodies, pastiches and memes on the internet: Practical implications of the DSM Directive
6 November 2020 Prof. Geraint Howells Consumers and Covid – Product Safety and Change of Circumstances
3 June 2019 Michael Wilderspin The CJEU case law on the Succession Regulation
30 May 2019 Assist. Prof. Dr. Jacek Srokosz Juristocracy as a part/versus Democracy? The debate on role of judges in contemporary democracy in a context of populist movements
29 May 2019 Dr. Antonio Magni Biotechnological inventions and patent law in the European Union
24 April 2019 Prof. Dr. Pasquale Pistone The shift to qualified majority voting in tax matters: enhancing European democratic legitimacy
17 April 2019 Assist. Prof. Dr. Elena Orrù The EU law on ship-source pollution implementing the MARPOL Convention and the Italian regime
8 May 2018 Prof. Dr. Wojciech Lis The place and role of the family in Polish culture and law
26 April 2018 Dr. Erjon Hitaj Use of drones and global security: implications under international law
26 April 2018 Prof. Dr. Xhezair Zaganjori Albania on the Road to the EU – Political and Legal Aspects
25 April 2018 Prof. Dr. Pasquale Pistone Tax integration in the European Union
18 April 2018 Dr. Agnieszka Wedel-Domaradzka Human rights protection – developments and challenges in legal systems of Poland and Croatia
3 April 2018 Prof. Dr. Larry A. DiMatteo Rise of American limited liability company: managers and members' duty to act in good faith?
15 March 2018 Prof. dr. sc. Enes Bikić Opoziv punomoći
14 March 2018 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Thalia Kruger Migrating children and private international law
7 March 2018 Prof. dr. sc. Spahija Kozlić Filozofske osnove teorije prirodnog prava
19 December 2017 Michal Považan Legal existence of Slovak State (1939-1945) and similarities to NDH
28 November 2017 Prof. dr. sc. Nebojša Ranđelović Od Berlinskog kongresa 1878. do danas
7 June 2017 Dr. Alicja Jagielska-Burduk European cultural heritage – educational aspect and legal framework
6 June 2017 Dr. Alicja Jagielska-Burduk Polish cultural heritage law – challenges and risks
8 May 2017 Prof. Dr. Jean C. Sonnekus Calling the absconding father to book regarding his maintenance duties towards his minor offspring left behind after his stealthy emigration
5 May 2017 Vedran Obučina Koncepcija države u islamu – primjer Islamske Republike Iran
4 May 2017 Asst. Prof. Dr. Izabela Kapsa Constitution of the Republic of Poland as the object of political conflict
9 December 2016 Prof. Dr. Grega Strban Recent developments in EU social security law
2 December 2016 Asst. Prof. Dr. Erika Kovács Posting of workers in the EU
14 November 2016 Assist. Prof. Dr. Andrzej Jakubowski Access to Cultural Justice as a Human Right
14 November 2016 Prof.ssa Francesca Fiorentini The Right to Cultural Heritage in the EU and Trade Agreements
28 October 2016 Izv. prof. dr. sc. Marija Karanikić Mirić Nepoštene ugovorne odredbe: usporedba srpskog prava i europskih propisa
16 May 2016 Izv. prof. dr. sc. Saša Prelič Posebnosti slovenskog prava društava
28 April 2016 JUDr. Radomír Jakab, Ph.D. Constitutional system in Slovakia and its development
27 April 2016 JUDr. Radomír Jakab, Ph.D. Judicial control of public administration